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Dec 20, 2010

Is Ghost Hunting a Dangerous Game or a Serious Ministry to be Done?

I believe Blogging should be informative, then entertaining. To talk without real meaning does no one any good,"Give a man a fish and you fill his stomach for a day but teach a man to fish and HE can fill his stomach with food every day."

What's funny in almost ALL evidence presented to prove the supernatural is the array of skeptics that line up to DISPROVE the proof just as they do to the bible. 
But I must honestly say that every attempt I've seen on U-tube  FALLS SHORT of proving anything solid, I know you can imitate what is seen by a fake copy but that proves nothing unless you can prove that THE PEOPLE involved are liars and deliberately faking the evidence. 
That hasn't been done, so the evidence that has stood the test of scientific scrutiny on this film evidence is still real. Evidence and Proof it seems are fickle things, that is how its perceived is according to the beholders, This is why no one is able to be definitive because no matter who sees the same thing you saw they see it differently or make an excuse that make even less sense than the reality on film!

I thought I would write about this subject since it has always been of interest to me, Ghost Hunting at least the serious versions on T.V and the Movies SEEM fun and scary to the uninitiated and novices on the outside of the "Other Side" business!

I have been in many of the so-called Haunted Places around the U.S. and The World, and they indeed are possessed of spiritual substances of unknown origin, at least on the surface. The problem is for some reason, we need these Ghost stories to make the places we visit come to life in our hearts and minds, a kind of Romantic interlude from the past, a rush of fearful adrenalin, yes its very real to our fleshly experience but is it all it has pretended to be? 

In some cases, we even convince ourselves of the reality of a Haunting because we what so badly to believe in an afterlife. But I would put forward that TRUTH trumps imagination any day of the week, haunted or not, ghost or no ghost what God says is of greater import than made up stories of men, even actual historical ones!
Ghost Hunting: A Biblical Perspective 
The Ghost Hunter's Bible: The Definitive Edition 
 Having been on that side of the Darkness for a large part of my adult life as a Black Witch, I know full well the "Dangerous side of the Other Side" and all these paranormal shows on television dealing with it are only fueling an interest in "Satan's deceptive project" called "Ghost Hunting".  I'M NOT SAYING its fake or hogwash or even uninteresting to study as some do, what I am saying is that MOST of it is merely scratching the surface of a very dangerous world of Demonic Deception and brings us NO closer to the truth of what happens after death. 

A deception so deep and so bold as to cover a realm that ONLY God himself has the right and the honor to rule, this realm of the dead is not only ruled over by God he actually is the only one who controls it completely, so it would be of the utmost importance for us to question him on the subject don't you think?

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe for the most part that anyone involved in "Ghost Hunting" is willingly deceiving people BUT I do know for a fact based on what I've witnessed in the Craft and deeper dark secrets of the Occult that no one seems to see the dangers as I do. Those of you who have left the Craft for the Hope and caring of Christ should see it too! 

It is very important to reveal what life is like after death, BUT even more important that we have all the facts available to us, not assumptions, maybe's or even feel good ideas about death.

First lets define just what we are talking about:

Paranormal is a general term coined in 1915–1920 that designates experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation" or that indicates phenomena that are understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure. Within this realm is Heaven and Hell so it does exist, the problem is not weather or not the Paranormal exists but if we have the PROPER INFORMATION available to explain it to us. Knowledge is power but limited knowledge is limited power, that is why we must strive for pure knowledge on any subject or we risk wasting our lives on a Lie!

Paranormal phenomena are distinct from certain hypothetical entities, such as dark matter and dark energy, insofar as paranormal phenomena are inconsistent with the world as already understood through empirical observation coupled with scientific methodology. 

In other words the world around you has no bearing on the world of the dead and CANNOT be understood by it apart from God's clear explanation in Scripture revealed only to those who pass his test of Salvation all other attempts result in half truth and shadows of fact. The Paranormal is beyond mortal, flesh and blood understanding and explanation therefore to believe what our mortal logic says is FUNNY at best.

What we don't know is far more dangerous than what we think we know about it, so there is a great need to simply stop and search out the truth found ONLY in scripture about the TRUE nature of the Spirit world and those who inhabit it. What if ALL of what Ghost Hunters believe about what they are doing is only PARTLY right, what if all the talk about the dead revisiting the areas of their earthly living is NOT TRUE AT ALL! 

I find the ignorance out there knowing both what I've experienced and what God's word has revealed plainly to me to be beyond the pail of stupidity, it is not worth the silly "shadow figures" and "apparitions" appearing on film to be SO WRONG and put you and your families lives in such danger. These beings appearing as human spirits are VERY dangerous, and VERY powerful once you expose them to your life. They WILL follow you, taunt you and your families forever UNLESS you realize who they really are and deal them the blow of death by "Spiritual Warfare"!

So what's haunting these areas or houses if the Ghosts of people are not really there?

The Bible NOWHERE teaches us that we stay or visit our old life as a spirit or Ghost (UNLESS God brings us back from a near death experience or as Christ we are raised from the dead, in those cases we came back to our Bodies not as haunting spirits.) these are the only exceptions to the rule of death, ONCE DEAD the body is useless having served its purpose and the Soul and Spirit move on to their eternal destiny.

Heb 9:27  

"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this {NOT Haunting a house but} the judgment:"

Gen 25:8 

"He died in a good old age, an old man - So God had promised him. His death was his discharge from the burdens of his age {His Times}: it was also the crown of the glory of his old age. He was full of years - A good man, though he should not die old, dies full of days, satisfied with living here, and longing to live in a better place. 

And was gathered to his people - His body was gathered to the congregation of the dead,{The Physical Grave} and his soul {Contained within his spirit} to the congregation of the blessed.{ Then it was "Abraham's Bosom" but after Jesus was raised from the dead it became Heaven or Hell that we were destined to be.

Death gathers us to our people. Those that are our people while we live, whether the people of God, or the children of this world, to them death will gather us."

The question then is WHERE are our people in death? 

Is There Death After Life? 

 Most of what people believe about Death has been filtered by the circumstances of our childhood, old wives tales, or just very bad doctrines taught by well meaning churches who THOUGHT that was what God said in the bible without proper "Dividing of the truth."

FaithFaith Lessons on the Death and Resurrection of the Messiah: The Bible's Timeless Call To Impact Culture (Leader's Guide) 

What the Bible Reveals About Heaven 

Death Passed Upon All Men 

Passed from Death unto Life

  Luk 20:35-36

  "But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world {Where I'm From..Heaven.}, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage: Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the angels {NOT become angels but are equal before God.}; and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection."

ONCE in heaven why in the world of stupidity would anyone what to come back and "Haunt" their old life on earth?

 Joh 14:2 

"In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. "

Much deception has resulted from mishandling this verse, What are these "Mansions" Christ speaks of here? Is Jesus really building a building for us to live in or is there something deeper to learned from here?
Heb 11:16 

"But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city {The New Jerusalem}. "

So which is it, is God building a single Mansion for us all in heaven or is he building a City filled with Mansions?

Joh 2:19 

"Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple {Of my Body}, and in three days I will raise it up."

1Co 3:16-17  

"Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?   If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. "

So it would seem we have positive proof that our physical bodies are "Buildings" containing greater "Buildings" called "The Temple of God" which can be raised up when we die. 

Which begs the greater question, if our Mansions are being built where is the process being done?

2Co 6:16-18  

"And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.  

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. "

The process in Christians is called sanctification or separation from the world, but in the case of the worldly person where's house being built? Well let's just say its of "Wood, Hay and stubble", things that will burn away leaving only our naked soul before God at the last judgment. 

2Co 5:10  

"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. "

1Co 3:12-15  

"Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble;  Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is. If any man's work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire."

Notice that WE do the building with the materials God provides or those that Sinful living provides depending on our choices in life, our soul and spirit are the "Guts" of that "Mansion" to live in heaven or to live in Hell for eternity. We are responsible NOW in this life, for our outcome after death in the judgment, good or bad we are now building a mansion with the help of Jesus through the process of separation.

Does it make the least bit of common sense to you to waste an eternity of happiness and bliss in heaven hanging around this darkness spooking people and never really being able to communicate with those who you love without the help of electromagnetic tools? 

After all who do we think we are? 

The arrogance of man is simply appalling, do we actually believe that WE can control a realm ONLY God is in charge of?

The obvious answer is NO!!! 

When I or you do die we will INSTANTLY walk or float from this existence into the next without delay, whether or not that's good for you is your choice NOW so don't wait to decide. You will not have time to be Haunting your former life, you will be instantly standing before your judgment for a life lived for or against The Lordship of Jesus in your life. 

The Other Side of Death: What the Bible Teaches About Heaven and Hell 

What the Bible Reveals About Heaven 

Faith Lessons on the Death and Resurrection of the Messiah (Home DVD Vol. 4) Home Pack/Bible Study Guides: The Bible's Timeless Call to Impact Culture 

Job 16:22  

"Go - To the state and place of the dead, whence men cannot return to this life
The meaning is, my death hastens, and therefore I earnestly desire that the cause depending, between me and my friends, may be determined, that if I be guilty of these things, I may bear the shame of it before all men, and if I be innocent, that I may see my own integrity, and the credit of religion, (which suffers upon this occasion) vindicated. How very certainly, and how very shortly are we likewise to go this journey."

1Co 2:11

 "For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? 
even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God. "

 This realm is unknown to us for good reason, look how we've screwed up what little we do know about it? Sin has tainted our viewpoint of everything we once completely understood before the fall, death was a NEW thing to Adam and Eve, they didn't know what it was or even why it happened, so its not hard to understand why we have come to wrong conclusions concerning Death and Dieing!

1Co 15:54 

"So when this corruptible {Physical Body} shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal {Body} shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory."

How do you know where you'll go when you die? If you don't even understand why your on earth in the first place, beyond the silly concepts of evolution and humanism.

Are we more than the sum of our parts as God says we are, or are we simply the by products of so much primordial soup in the beginning of time?

Eph 5:5  

"For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God. "

Why is this true, why can't just anyone get into heaven? Well would you like to live forever next to a 'sex offender" or a "Murderer" in heaven as you may have had to do here on earth? God's standards are much higher than ours, thank God for small favors. 

O.K. so just what are the real experiences that many of us, including me have had concerning Ghosts and shadows that we chase to find out the truth about the afterlife? Who are we dealing with in reality if they are not former people we knew or read about in the history books? 

Are we being duped into a belief system about Ghosts and Spirit's based upon our emotional attachments to dead loved ones and old wives tales passed down religiously for decades. Why do we fall for these frauds so easily? Are we that gullible? 
 2Co 11:13-15  
"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.   Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."
This proves that righteous things {Our saved loved ones, Those who have died for Christ in the past, Christian Doctrine, just about anything sacred} CAN BE IMITATED, they can be copied and presented as the true and real, they can deceive even those who believe in God. So we must ask the question here what about "Ghosts" and the Paranormal in General are we seeing people we knew, knowledge we get from God or are we witnessing what Paul is warning of?

We live in a time when holiday's we celebrate are more Sacrilegious than faithful, The Christmas Tree and it's entrapment's, Easter and the it's entrapment's are considered by the world as supporting a Christian religion, how stupid that is when NONE OF THAT STUFF has any resemblance to the true Christian Faith whatsoever, its based in TOTAL PAGANISM so how does it favor God at all, let alone pure Christian Faith? 

The world loves to pervert our faith WITH OUR HELP and this is a great example of just that, this subject is God's subject not the world's but we allow them to define what happens at death, what's wrong with this picture?

This is happening right under the noses of real believers all the time as is the deceptions of Talking to the dead and seeking advice from dead saints.  Both are FORBIDDEN by God which is ignored completely by the Churches supporting these "illegal prayers" that mock the reality of true prayer to God alone.  

Instead in order to befriend the person involved we wrongly think we must absorb the false belief, this is what happened in the 4th century A.D. when Constantine accepted the Faith of Jesus and stopped Rome's persecution of Christians ALONG with bringing in all the PAGAN garbage into the state church, nice trade off huh?
Satan is the greatest of the great when it comes to "Hidden Agendas", slight of hand shadowplay were invented by him to hide behind, he uses a sacred cover to shield our investigation of the truth, because it make seeking answers look like Hating others.

Telling the Truth is not Hate Speech! 

For more information on this read my pages:

From what I personally have seen and heard with my own life experience I would have to say the latter is true, because no matter how much we find out concerning the paranormal there's ALWAYS more in the shadows we can't know ACCORDING TO THEM!  

2Co 11:3-4

 "But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 
For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him. "

Notice, that in Christ is SIMPLICITY but with Satan there is confusion, shadow and subtlety without end, nothing that Satan does or deceives us into is ever easy to understand or accomplish. 
The Christian faith APART from the religious mess that man has corrupted it with is simple to understand, easy to accomplish and open to examination for all but the religion is shadowed with deep holes of misunderstanding.
The real purpose of writing this is to advance an idea, an idea of adding a biblical perspective to the "Hunt" taking it away from the shadows of uncertainty. 

There is no reason to hunt what you don't understand if the scriptures reveal clearly what your dealing with and just HOW TO CAST IT OUT. That seems to be the big hold up in most paranormal shows, they just want to REVEAL WHAT'S THERE but their definitions are limited to the limited knowledge of the afterlife. 

We have defined the afterlife by old wives tales, false stories, and incomplete experiences and have ended up with half the real story.
What are we dealing with? 
DEMONS!, how do we deal with demons? 
WE CAST THEM OUT we don't talk about their false characters, their impersonations of humans long dead, we don't allow them to play "poltergeist"{Angry Spirit} with the truth. Sometimes I watch these shows and ask myself what I would do in their place, well for one thing, in all that past life history which is great do they once study the true history book- the Bible, NEVER!

O.K. first let's do our homework on Ghost Hunting and its tools: we must understand what they use to understand the why's and how's of Ghost Hunting. If you as a believer are serious about this field of investigation then you need to know what God knows and what to use to do it safely.

A Short History of Ghost Hunting

Ghosts, haunting and tales of strange events go well back into ancient history.

More recently though there is a rich and documented history of ghost hunting occurring in New York around 1848 that started the spiritualist movement which continued into late 1930's. 

These individuals along with many others played a large part in this movement albeit sometimes at opposite ends of the spectrum. 
(Either in their empathy with lost souls or their skepticism in such matters). 
More detailed information is available today on the internet or at your local library. 

Those people listed above are in part the reason for the efforts of Harry Price and the start of documented ghost hunting.

In his time, Harry Price was one of the most influential persons involved in ghost hunting. 
Harry uncovered a number of fraudulent photographers that made their money by double exposing photographic plates and then claiming the images were the dead relatives of the people being photographed. 
He proved to the general public how this trickery could be achieved in the studio.
Harry also went to numerous seances and tried to prove or disprove their validity scientifically with gauges and measures (some instruments were crafted specifically for this purpose) and kept accurate notes and diaries at all times.

Harry Price was most recognized for his work in the Borley Rectory with his ghostly photography and evaluations of this haunted site. 

Harry's work is still controversial and questioned by some. 
He was however the fore runner of ghost hunters and his work was the start to a more serious look into the proper use of equipment and evaluations to explain the paranormal.

A good source for more information on the spiritualist movement and the evolution of ghost hunting is a book by

Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society's....

- The Ghost Hunter's Guidebook -
 Ghost Hunter's Guidebook: The Essential Guide to Investigating Ghosts & Hauntings

Published by Whitechapel Productions Press. 


This book is NOT a Christian out-look on Ghost Hunting BUT it is a very good look at the present state of it, so read it with that in mind! 

Now what about the tools of the trade?

Most of the equipment is harmless, but I seriously question the "Spirit Boxes" for allowing the dead to talk to you as this is expressly forbidden in the scriptures for good reason, if you allow a demon to speak you'll get ONE THING a lie and the longer they talk the bigger the lie gets so this box is a tool that will not help you but harm you. 

Divining rods and spirit boards do far to much to give the advantage to the enemy your trying to CAST out, you are to speak in Authority against the manifestation, not allow it a doorway to make things worse and that's just what the Ouija does:

In Isaiah 8:19-20,
God says this: 
"When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? …If they do not speak according to this word, they have no light…"

The E.V.P. ( Electronic Voice Phenomenon) should only be used with great caution never to have conversation with the dead and never to be believed at face value, never base an investigation on this tool it only proves something is there not that what it says is true, remember demons only speak one language- The Lie, so nothing they tell you except under the Authority and power of God is true so make sure you ask your questions in the form of a command to tell only the truth in the name of Jesus.

I believe that we should do FAR more than hunt for Ghosts, we should be helping in a more permanent lasting way, by casting out impersonating demons that falsely take our loved ones identities

Ghost Hunting Equipment Check List

  • Digital video recorder: DVRs have gotten fabulous in the last few years and there are dozens out there to choose from. Buy quality, because your digital video recorder is one of your primary tools. 
  •  Be sure and get a DVR with excellent sound quality and buy a good static free external shotgun microphone to go along with the camera. This allows a good DVR to function as a digital audio recorder too.

    This is a simple yet effective way to document what is happening at the sight of the alleged Haunting/Demon impersonation, try to allow the device to do its work but don't read into the results to much, watch for the obvious DUST PARTICLES and LIGHT PLAY know your light sources prior to investigating the areas of interest.  

  • Digital Still Camera: It’s all about the Megapixles! – The higher the resolution the more you will be able to zoom in later on when you are analyzing your photos in Photoshop. How about a Stereo 3D Camera!
  • Digital Image Editing Program: Sometimes by adjusting contrast, shadows and highlights or colors, you can find things in a photo you didn’t know were there.  Photoshop is my favorite.  And remember you can give your video the same treatment with the color correction tools in a Video Editing Program like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.
  • 35mm FILM Camera: Yes, I’m talking actual film – there are tons of great digital still cameras and they are much easier to use, but, remember, a film camera processes the images through a chemical process, not through an electronic sensor array. Experienced ghost hunters will tell you that a traditional 35mm camera, especially with black and white film often catches images that do not show up on even the best digital cameras.  So, make sure someone on your team is rolling old school.

    Today Ebay is far and away the best place to buy 35 mm cameras. My all time favorite is the Nikon F3.  It has simple, dependable controls and is built like a tank.

  • Misc. Camera Gear: You’re going to want a decent camera bag and tripod, extra film for the 35mm, plenty of memory cards for the still camera  and extra tapes for the DVR.
  • Night Vision Equipment: Night vision scopes have gotten a lot cheaper in the last few years and there are adapters that you can use to attach them to video recorder and cameras so you can shoot in near total darkness. 
  • This equipment is useful in the darkest of situations but remember Demons are not bound by light or dark in their manifestations, you can find a lot of truth in a total history of the property or people involved, that will tell you more than a "Ghost Hunt" would anyway, what we are trying to accomplish is the total eradication of the demons right to be there and thus the Demon leaves. 
  • Analog Tape Recorder: Like the 35mm camera magnetic tape recorders are also quickly headed for obsolescence, but they also record sound differently than modern digital audio recorders. Also, you should be getting digital audio through your DVR, so this gives you a valuable double check for any anomalies you encounter. 
  •  Remember to rewind the tape and listen to it at the end of the expedition even if you didn’t hear anything unusual while you were there. Spirit voices sometimes are recorded on magnetic audio tapes even when humans hear no sounds. 

  • This phenomena is known as EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena.

    Be sure and use new tapes, because the tiny scratches from rewinding and playing tapes make it much more difficult to pick out very faint noises.  Like 35mm cameras, Ebay is also the best place to shop for Analog Tape Recorders.

  • Flash Lights: Obviously, this is a no brainer. If you haven’t already moved up to a modern LED flashlight now is a good time. Battery life is much longer, the LED bulbs are almost unbreakable, and they often allow for different colors of light and intensity. However, no matter how good your primary flashlight is every other team member should carry a back up light.
  • EMF Detector: EMF Detectors pick up electronic fields at a variety of frequencies. Usually, where there are ghosts there are disruptions in the electronic magnetic field. This is one piece of equipment that every ghost hunting expedition should have and they are fairly cheap.
  • Compass: Obviously, you can use them for navigation, but on a ghost hunting expedition the primary role is as the low tech back up for your EMF gear. A compass reacts to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and since it is your backup do not buy an electronic compass. A glow in the dark needle is nice.
  • GPS: You can use GPS to record the exact time and location of each paranormal incident as a way point, also some outdoor GPS’s are loaded with extra features like altimeters and thermometers.
  • Thermometers: Obviously, a good thermometer can detect changes in the air temperature, but your ghost hunting team should carry both a traditional mercury thermometer and a digital thermometer to ensure good backup. Also, today both types are very cheap.
  • Barometers: Follow the same logic as with thermometers and have both a traditional and electronic.
  • Wind chimes: Buy the lightest wind chimes you can, preferably ones that are easy to move, and as you move from room to room you reposition the chimes. 
  •  Windchimes are cheap, but sometimes they are the first piece of equipment to record an unusual phenomena. The team should have several windchimes on the expedition. Many people like to paint them with glow in the dark paint.

  • Infrared Thermal Scanner: These are a great pieces of gear, because they essentially allow you to see changes in temperature across a room or field. When you see the anomaly move towards your team and trigger the wind chimes and the thermometers it is an incredible moment.
  • Air Ion Counter: These are expensive, but useful. They measure positive and negative ions in the air and often provide additional evidence to support thermometers, barometers, and wind chimes.
  • Walkie-Talkie: Always useful, but try to get one that is hands free, preferably with headsets. Today, you can actually link a team together through conference call on cell phone if everyone has the minutes.
  • Spot Light: You can get a 200,000 candle power light for about $30.00, but they do tend to eat batteries.
  • Motion Detectors: These can really give you a heads up and they are not expensive.
  • Extra Batteries: Try to have extra batteries for everything.
  • Matches and Candle: Just for back up.
  • Watches: Each team member should have a watch and they should all be synchronized with the other members watches and time codes on the camera equipment. Sometimes this is the most challenging part of a hunt.
  • Pen and Paper: They don’t run out of batteries and they are cheap, and you can record a written log. It’s a good idea to have a secretary recording the time and description of events as you go, because this represents the closest you can get to human memories, without the filter of technology.
  • First Aid Kit: Ya never know!
The Key is a vast knowledge of Demons and every creature invented in Satan's evil mind so that you are never caught off guard in any situation in your personal life or your "Hunters" life.

Knowing how to use "Spiritual Warfare" against the devils is paramount to real success, without a clean personal life free of worldly weights and a renewed mind filled with knowledge of your enemy and a healthy fear of your failure. Remember I said "HEALTHY FEAR" not FEAR for the sake of Fear, they will and should fear the prepared hunter who knows who they are dealing with and uses the authority of God as a sword. The devil's ALL fear Jesus and if we walk and talk just like"him" they can't tell the difference, when we command in his authority, Demons in whatever form they take will flee.
Since Ghosts are in reality Demons that are impersonating those who have died, adults and children with whom they have had intimate physiological and or soulful connections, knowing the history of the person they are pretending to be is helpful only in a surface way.

What is really important is to know why they were involved with those people, get your eyes off 
the imitation before you and on what caused the devils to be attached with them?
How did they get there in the first place, why this house?
 Is it a family-line demon, attached to a particular family sin?
Is it a demon connected to the persons property or household possessions from another family line curse?
What curse brought the devil there and can it be broken once and for all, research every entrance that could hold the key to casting it out? 

Your real bread and butter so to speak is in your research team looking for the facts behind the haunting, the hunting is the fun part but its not the most important part, that comes when you can claim the person or the property FREE in Christ's name!



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What the Occult teaches you children!

Great Info concerning the Craft!

Wicca and Witchcraft: Holidays in Wicca and Witchcraft

By Mike Nichols

Wicca and Witchcraft: Holidays in Wicca and Witchcraft

Despite competition from twentieth century 'life in the fast lane', the awesome spectacle repeated in the patterns of the changing seasons still touches our lives. During the ages when people worked more closely with nature just to survive, the numinous power of this pattern had supreme recognition. Rituals and festivals evolved to channel these transformations for the good of the community toward a good sowing and harvest and boutiful hunting.

One result of this process is our image of the 'Wheel of the Year' with its eight spokes -- the four major agricultural and pastoral festivals and the four minor solar festivals commemorating seasonal solstices and equinoxes. In common with many ancient people, most Witches consider the day as beginning at sundown and ending at sundown on the following day. Hence a sabbat such as November Eve runs through the day of November 1st. Solstice and Equinox dates may vary by a few days depending on the year.

October 31 -- November Eve -- Samhain

Samhain means 'summer's end', for now nights lengthen, winter begins, and we work with the positive aspects of the dark tides. In the increasing starlight and moonlight, we hone our divinatory and psychic skills. Many Craft traditions, and the ancient Celts, consider this New Year's Eve. It is the one night when the veil that separates our world from the next is at its thinnest, allowing the dead to return to the world of the living, to be welcomed and feasted by their kin. The Christian religion adopted this theme as 'All Saints Day' or 'All Hallows Day' (Nov. 1), celebrating the eve as 'All Hallows Eve' or 'Halloween'. The alternative date of November 6 ('Martinmas' or 'Old Hallows') is sometimes employed by Covens.

December 21 -- Winter Solstice -- Yule

'Yule' means 'wheel', for now the wheel of the year has reached a turning point, with the longest night of the year. This is the seedpoint of the solar year, mid-winter, time of greatest darkness when we seek within ourselves to comprehend our true nature. In virtually all Pagan religions, this is the night the Great Mother Goddess gives birth to the baby Sun God, because from this day forward, the days begin to lengthen, light is waxing. The Christian religion adopted this theme as the birthday of Jesus, calling it 'Christmas'. The alternative fixed calendar date of December 25th (called 'Old Yule' by some Covens) occurs because, before various calendar changes, that was the date of the solstice.

January 31 -- February Eve -- Imbolc

Actually, this holiday is most usually celebrated beginning at sundown on February 1, continuing through the day of February 2. 'Imbolc' means 'in the belly (of the Mother)' because that is where seeds are beginning to stir. It is Spring. Another name for the holiday is 'Oimelc', meaning 'milk of ewes', since it is lambing season. It was especially sacred to the Celtic Fire Goddess, Brigit, patron of smithcraft, healing (midwifery), and poetry. A Coven's High Priestess may wear a crown of lights (candles) to symbolize the return of the Goddess to her Maiden aspect, just as the Sun God has reached puberty. Weather lore associated with this sabbat is retained by the folk holiday of 'Groundhog's Day'. The Christian religion adopted a number of these themes, as follows. February 1 became 'St. Brigit's Day', and February 2 became 'Candlemas', the day to make and bless candles for the liturgical year. The 'Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary' adapts the Maiden Goddess theme. The alternative date of February 14 ( 'Old Candlemas', Christianized as 'Valentine's Day') is employed by some Covens.

March 21 -- Vernal Equinox -- Lady Day

As Spring reaches its midpoint, night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on the increase. The young Sun God now celebrates a hierogamy (sacred marriage) with the young Maiden Goddess, who conceives. In nine months, she will again become the Great Mother. It is a time of great fertility, new growth, and newborn animals. The next full moon (a time of increased births) is called the 'Ostara' and is sacred to Eostre, Saxon lunar goddess of fertility (from whence we get the word 'eostrogen'), whose two symbols were the egg and the rabbit. The Christian religion adopted these emblems for 'Easter', celebrated the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The theme of the conception of the Goddess was adapted as the 'Feast of the Annunciation', occuring on the alternative fixed calendar date of March 25 ('Old Lady Day'), the earlier date of the equinox. 'Lady Day' may also refer to other goddesses (such as Venus and Aphrodite), many of whom has festivals celebrated at this time. (The name 'Ostara' is incorrectly assigned to this holiday by some modern traditions of Wicca.)

April 30 -- May Eve -- Beltaine

'Beltane' means 'fire of Bel', Belinos being one name for the Sun God, whose coronation feast we now celebrate. As summer begins, weather becomes warmer, and the plant world blossoms, an exuberant mood prevails. It is a time of unabashed sexuality and promiscuity. Young people spend the entire night in the woods 'a-maying', and dance around the phallic Maypole the next morning. Older married couples may remove their wedding rings (and the restrictions they imply) for this one night. May morning is a magical time for 'wild' water (dew, flowing streams, and springs) which is collected and used to bathe in for beauty, or to drink for health. The Christian religion had only a poor substitute for the life-affirming Maypole -- namely, the death-affirming cross. Hence, in the Christian calendar, this was celebrated as 'Roodmas'. In Germany, it was the feast of Saint Walpurga, or 'Walpurgisnacht'. An alternative date around May 5 (Old Beltaine), when the sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus, is sometimes employed by Covens. (The name 'Lady Day' is incorrectly assigned to this holiday by some modern traditions of Wicca.)

June 21 -- Summer Solstice -- Litha

Although the name 'Litha' is not well attested, it may come from Saxon tradition -- the opposite of 'Yule'. On this longest day of the year, light and life are abundant. At mid-summer, the Sun God has reached the moment of his greatest strength. Seated on his greenwood throne, he is also lord of the forests, and his face is seen in church architecture peering from countless foliate masks. The Christian religion converted this day of Jack-in-the-Green to the Feast of St. John the Baptist, often portraying him in rustic attire, sometimes with horns and cloven feet (like the Greek god Pan)! Midsummer Night's Eve is also special for adherents of the Faerie faith. The alternative fixed calendar date of June 25 (Old Litha) is sometimes employed by Covens. (The name 'Beltaine' is sometimes incorrectly assigned to this holiday by some modern traditions of Wicca, even though 'Beltaine' is the Gaelic word for 'May'.)

July 31 -- August Eve -- Lughnassad

'Lughnassad' means 'the funeral games of Lugh', referring to Lugh, the Irish sun god. However, the funeral is not his own, but the funeral games he hosts in honor of his foster-mother Tailte. For that reason, the traditional Tailtean craft fairs and Tailtean marriages (which last for a year and a day) are celebrated at this time. As autumn begins, the Sun God enters his old age, but is not yet dead. It is also a celebration of the first harvest. The Christian religion adopted this theme and called it 'Lammas', meaning 'loaf- mass', a time when newly baked loaves of bread are placed on the altar. An alternative date around August 5 (Old Lammas), when the sun reaches 15 degrees Leo, is sometimes employed by Covens.

September 21 -- Autumnal Equinox -- Harvest Home

In many mythologies, this is the day the Sun God, the God of Light, is killed by his rival and dark twin, the God of Darkness -- who was born at Midsummer, reached puberty at Lammas, and lives a mirror-image life of the Sun God. From this mid-Autumn day forward, darkness will be greater than light, just as night becomes longer than day. So it is a festival of sacrifice, including that of the Sun God in his aspect of Spirit of the Fields, John Barleycorn -- for this is the final grain harvest. The Christian religion adopted it as 'Michaelmas', celebrated on the alternative date September 25, the old equinox date (Old Harvest Home). (The Welsh word 'Mabon', meaning 'son', is used by some Witches for the name of this holiday, although such usage is recent and not attested historically.)

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